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BELDEN工业自动化控制电 缆
RG系列同轴电缆※※※※ ※※※ ※               
Aamphenol射频连接器  及插接 件
美国ABS认证低烟无卤系列  船用电缆
电气设备配装电线 电缆
柔性自动化控制电 缆
Weidmuller魏德米勒工业连接 器
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产品名称: MVB列车总线电缆  (4芯星绞4x20AWG双层屏蔽)V-3588型
产品编号: V-3588
产品名称: EIB/KNX智能楼宇自控总线电缆2x2x0.8屏蔽双绞线绿色外护套V-3508型
产品编号: V-3508
产品名称: MB+网通讯电缆(施耐德产品订货号P/N:490NAA27103)
产品编号: 27103
产品名称: Profibus-DP现场总线电缆                        (西门子产品订货号:6XV1830-0EH10)
产品编号: 6XV1830
产品名称: 罗克韦尔ControlNet总线电缆(Allen-Bradley产品订货号:1786-RG6)
产品编号: 1786
产品名称: Modicon远程I/O控制四层屏蔽RG6同轴电缆(97-5750-000型)
产品编号: 5750

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It is OK to kill some humanoids but remember to kill enough beasts later on to get your skinning skill capped.The basic leather that you get from levels 1-30 about is just vendor trash, no need to buy cheap wow gold spend downtime going to AH. Later on when you get to the more expensive leathers, keep the amount of stacks in AH at about 4-5 and not more to make sure you don't have to pay too much keeping them there.Herbalism is good to choose if you want an income that keeps up with your expenses without you having to be all too dedicated. As the other professions, this one is just as simple. You should keep in mind that you have Herbalism tracker on and to keep a look at it. It will eventually pop up an herb nearby and it is OK to grind trough the mobs to get to it. 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